We respond to the Spending Review

Responding to today’s Spending Review, Claire Anderson, Chair of the RPS in England said:

“I welcome the Chancellor’s continued determination to support efforts to tackle COVID-19 and I hope this commitment translates to investment in pharmacy teams working on the ground. 

“The Spending Review pledges to increase supplies for key medicines treating COVID-19 patients, which play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes. With the predicted future pressure on public finances, it will be more important than ever to make the most of pharmacists’ expertise to deliver the best value from medicines and support patient care.

“I welcome investment in the health and care workforce and it will be vital this supports the pharmacy profession and the ambitions set out in the NHS People Plan. With our wellbeing results today showing pharmacists are facing even higher risk of burnout, we’ll continue calling for greater support for their health and wellbeing.

"We wrote to the Chancellor earlier this year, calling on the Government to recognise the vital contribution of pharmacists on the frontline of COVID-19. They must be included in future pay rises for health and care staff.”