Working in critical care settings during covid19

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has today published a training resource for pharmacists new to critical care. The resource distils the experiences of pharmacists working in critical care units, such as the NHS Nightingale in London, to enable those new to the field to step into critical care with confidence.

Working in critical care during the COVID19 pandemic can be very challenging. Pharmacists deployed there will enter the role with differing levels of experience and from different backgrounds.

Working in Critical Care Settings during COVID-19 supports redeployed pharmacists to deliver a baseline level of safe and effective care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed with a working group of national experts including the UKCPA Critical Care Group, this practical resource details how to upskill yourself quickly.

The resource provides step-by-step instructions for training, including self-assessment of knowledge, targeted learning using a range of resources, worked case studies, and how to apply your knowledge in practice. It also provides tools for reflection, peer support and feedback.

Access to RPS COVID-19 learning resources is free during the pandemic for the entire pharmacy profession, through registering on or using RPS membership details.

Working in Critical Care Settings during COVID-19

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