RPS joins commitments to mitigate climate change

Together with a number of fellow members of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has signed up to a list of ten commitments to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

It is hoped that the commitments will act as guiding principles for health organisations to show leadership and drive forward the changes needed for healthcare to become more sustainable.

The commitments touch on a range of issues including educating members on the links between climate and health, campaigning on sustainability issues and embedding sustainability in organisations’ governance, structure and culture.

As our representative on the alliance’s council, RPS President Claire Anderson contributed to the development of these commitments. Reflecting on their importance, Claire said:

“If we are to take our members and patients with us on the journey to make healthcare more sustainable, organisations such as ourselves must show the way forward and lead by example. These commitments are important to demonstrate such leadership and to hold ourselves to account.

“We’re pleased that we are already meeting the majority of these commitments through our work over recent years. This has included shining a light on sustainability as a central theme of our annual conference, campaigning on the recommendations made in our sustainability policies and divesting from fossil fuels.

“However, as an organisation, we’re determined to advance our climate action and to support the profession to make our pharmacy practice more sustainable. These commitments will be an important platform for us to deliver on these aims”.

Find out more about our sustainability activity here.

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