RPS joins the #VaccinateTheWorld campaign

We're proud to have today joined the #VaccinateTheWorld campaign, signing a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson alongside fellow healthcare professionals, senior NHS leaders and a wide range of organisations from the world of science and health.

At the heart of the #VaccinateTheWorld campaign is a shared belief that people are all born into this world equal and that access to high quality healthcare is a basic human right.

Covid mutates in countries with low vaccination rates. No-one is safe from Covid, until everyone is safe from Covid.

Poorer nations are suffering from Covid through lack of choice. Shockingly, every 12 seconds a child is orphaned when their parents die of Covid.

We welcomes the £160 million pledge from UK Government to boost global vaccine development as a first step to achieving a fully vaccinated world, but if this is to be achieved lots more funding and co-operation on an international scale will be required.

Speaking about RPS joining the #VaccinateTheWorld campaign, RPS President Claire Anderson said: “As President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, I am proud that we have joined the excellent #VaccinateTheWorld campaign, which is pushing the UK Government to commit to more funding and international co-operation to ensure vaccine equality across the world.

"The principles of the campaign align with Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s values, particularly in tackling health inequalities; whether national or local.

"I hope that by adding our voice to the campaign, the collective shout from all of us will become louder and encourage the UK Government to take necessary action to address global vaccine inequality.”

Read the letter.

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