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Update on RPS Assembly November 2022

The RPS Assembly is the key decision-making body of RPS which is responsible for setting strategic direction, financial management and organisational governance. 

Commenting on the following key decisions made by the Assembly, RPS President Professor Claire Anderson said:

Re-joining FIP

“I’m delighted that we have agreed to apply to re-join the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) at a time when they are set to re-focus their membership offer. A big thank you to everyone who shared their views with us on this subject. The overwhelming majority of you agreed that RPS should re-join FIP, which we propose to do in January 2023 subject to FIP’s agreement.”

Increasing transparency

“I’m pleased we have agreed to record the open business section of Assembly meetings. It increases transparency and the accountability of Assembly members and makes meetings more accessible, as members can watch at their convenience, increasing engagement with and understanding of RPS policy and the decisions taken. “We will better promote our member numbers in total, inclusive of all our membership sectors, to bring us in line with other pharmacy and Royal College membership organisations and increase accountability of the actions taken to grow our membership community.

“To further increase transparency, we will include a greater proportion of discussion items in Open Business and publish the ‘headline’ of confidential agenda items. We will also provide improved clarity for members to review elected members’ declarations of interest by further amending the Conflicts of Interests, Gifts & Hospitality policy.”

Charitable donations

“Historically, the RPS has set great store by supporting what has now become Pharmacist Support.  Throughout its history, the RPS has donated over £4.1m.  In order to continue to support this charity, Assembly agreed to enable individuals to choose to make a donation to Pharmacist Support at the point of joining or renewing membership, to help increase funds for the profession’s charity. Our intention is to enable members to make their own choice rather than donating on their behalf.”


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