Use of the title ‘Consultant Pharmacist’

On behalf of the NHS, the RPS is the delegated body which administers the approval of new consultant pharmacist posts and the credentialing of individuals, as set out in the NHS consultant pharmacist guidance

To use the title ‘consultant pharmacist’ when delivering NHS services, an individual must:

  • hold one of the approved consultant pharmacist posts on the RPS directory and either:
  • have successfully completed the RPS consultant pharmacist credentialing assessment or 
  • be a legacy consultant pharmacist who historically held a consultant pharmacist post that had been approved by the relevant regional/national process prior to the launch of RPS credentialing.

Chair of the RPS Education and Standards Committee Andy Husband said: “RPS strongly believes that any pharmacist using the title of ‘consultant’, whether they are involved in the delivery of private or NHS services, should only do so in line with the above principles. It is important that patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider healthcare system have a common understanding of what consultant level pharmacist practice is. 

“It is also important that they have confidence that individuals in these roles have demonstrated they have the core clinical and non-clinical capabilities and experience to practise at consultant pharmacist level across the five curriculum domains. This can only be truly achieved if the title is respected and protected by robust quality assurance mechanisms.

“RPS would welcome working closely with the GPhC, employers and service commissioners on this matter to strengthen the system’s ability to manage the inappropriate use of the consultant pharmacist title to ensure greater consistency and clarity for patients.”

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