We commit to changes following review of member participation

Today we received the report of the independent review of member participation and RPS communications. This report considers decisions we take on behalf of the profession through our Governance boards.

The review was led by communications consultancy Luther Pendragon and makes 28 recommendations based on four strategic principles.

These principles which will set the direction of our communications and engagement are:

  • Take a proactive and considered approach  
  • Be more open and transparent
  • Build member equity and agency
  • Focus on collaboration and be visible.

The review was commissioned by RPS President Professor Claire Anderson in April this year. Receiving the report, Claire said:

“This thorough and detailed report makes tough reading in places and I am left in no doubt that the RPS needs to improve the way we involve and inform our members and stakeholders of the work and decisions taken by RPS.

“It’s clear that our decision-making processes needs to be more transparent to engender greater trust. Accountability about decisions taken by the organisation at National Country Board and Assembly level are considered opaque at best. I recognise that our own elected members feel disempowered.

“RPS initiated the independent review as we fully recognised that the way our decisions have been taken and communicated have sometimes caused concern amongst members and stakeholders. It was crucial to identify why and where this was happening and equally important that we received advice and guidance on how these issues can be remedied and our approach to communications and engagement improved.

The Assembly has met today and I am pleased that all of us agree we now need to look at how we can make change happen.

“Some of the changes we will make swiftly. I will set a timeline to show how we will deliver wider improvements as soon as possible.

“We will also hold a special Assembly meeting before the end of 2022 specifically to hold ourselves to account for implementation of changes

“Lastly, I want to thank everyone who gave their time to give us feedback. I am heartened that so many people care deeply about RPS. Some are generous in their praise of certain aspects of what we do and willing to work with us to improve the areas in which we need to do better."

The survey to members received over 1,300 responses. This was followed up with focus groups with members, a separate survey and focus groups with elected members and interviews with a range of stakeholders. Further detail on methodology can be found in the review.

The review is separate to the ongoing UK Independent Commission into Pharmacy Professional Leadership which is led by the four Chief Pharmaceutical Officers of the UK.

Read the review

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