Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum

Our museum, established in 1842, is a unique resource for all those interested in the history of British pharmacy.

Based on our unique collections there is something for everyone, whether you are a pharmacist, researcher, family historian, visitor to London, or simply fascinated by the history of healthcare.

The museum collections cover all aspects of British pharmacy history, from the 1400s up to the present day. The collection includes:

  • Proprietary (brand name) medicines, dating from the 1700s to the present day
  • Fine English Delftware & European drug jars, dating from the 1600s - 1700s
  • Bell metal mortars, dating from the 1500s - 1700s
  • The Burges Collection of Materia Medica, dating from the late 1700s
  • Traditional dispensing equipment
  • Drug storage containers
  • Medical caricatures and prints
  • Oil paintings, including portraits of past Society Presidents.
  • The Society’s photo archive
  • The Early Printed Books Collection, including herbals and early pharmacopoeias from the 1400s – 1800s


Museum services

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum offers a range of historical services based on the information, archives and objects we hold.

If you are a researcher, student, teacher, or simply interested in pharmacy history, we have online exhibitions and learning resources to provide you with ways to find out more about the history of British pharmacy. 

Our services include:

  • Family History Research Service into pharmacists' career histories or the history of pharmacy premises
  • Image reproduction and supply service
  • Object loan service of two travelling display cases

We welcome requests to look at our stored collections. If you would like to see any objects in the Museum's collections, please contact us to make an appointment. Please note that the majority of our collections are stored off-site, so we would appreciate as much notice as possible in order to make the necessary arrangements to make the items accessible.

Please contact us for more details via telephone on 020 7572 2210 (museum enquiries only) or via email at [email protected].

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