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Creating the future of professional leadership

As Chief Executive of RPS I’d like to share with you our view of the future of professional leadership and how RPS can provide direction in these uncertain times. Ultimately, we aim to promote excellence in pharmacy practice and empower you, as pharmacy professionals, to be the best you can be for the benefit of patients. 

The four Chief Pharmaceutical Officers will be setting out their views on this topic through the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership, which has now announced the membership of five working groups to progress its activity and produce recommendations towards the end of the year. We are certain their expertise will stimulate great debate about professional leadership and congratulate those appointed. 

The Commission is also asking pharmacy registrants and organisations like RPS to provide advice and input. Naturally, we'd like to include your views as well. 

I recognise that you and your teams are incredibly busy and under intense pressure. It can be hard at times to find the space to think about anything other than the task in hand. So on your behalf, we’ve put our heads together to define what we think professional leadership means for the future. 

I’d like to share the collective view of the organisation, agreed with our President and Board Chairs in the three nations, so you understand our thinking and contribute your own if you can. 

We’ve distilled our view into a short one-page summary which takes just 5 minutes to read. It covers each of the areas the Commission are consulting about. 

At the end of that summary, you’ll see a form where you can add your own reflections and I very much hope you will be able to contribute. 

You can, of course, also contribute directly to the Commission’s survey, which remains open till 28 September and takes about 15 minutes to complete. 

We look forward to hearing your views after reading our summary, and including them in our full submission.  


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