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We’re developing the new national foundation pharmacist curriculum. Find out how to get involved here.

If you are a provisionally registered pharmacist , find out about our interim foundation pharmacist curriculum here.

Find out more about the Foundation Pharmacist Framework here.

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We'll soon be updating our Foundation resources below, as part of the new RPS Foundation Pharmacy Framework.

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The RPS is committed to supporting the development of a national Foundation programme for pharmacists

We need to support and invest in newly qualified pharmacists, to ensure a future workforce that can meet the ambitious government policies across the UK and see pharmacists providing increasingly complex clinical care across a broad range of settings. 

To achieve this:

  1. We need to establish a standardised approach to training for all pharmacists across the UK
  2. We need to develop the workforce to meet future NHS service needs and deliver improved patient care
  3. We need to create a more sustainable training system.

Pharmacist Training Model

Framework PharmacistTrainingModel

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