revalidation and continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD requirements are expected to change in 2018 when the General Pharmaceutical Council plans to introduce new requirements for the revalidation of pharmacy professionals.

What’s changing?

The proposed revalidation framework requires the annual submission of six accurate and personal records at the time of registration renewal, covering activities from the last 12 months. 
  • Four records need to be CPD learning records, of which a minimum of two must be planned learning. A maximum of two can be unplanned records. 
  • One needs to be a record of a peer discussion 
  • One needs to be a record of a reflective account. 
The proposed framework is subject to final approval by GPhC council. Further information is available on the GPhC website .

Expected timetable for revalidation

  • July 2017 GPhC revalidation consultation closes
  • End 2017 GPhC council confirms revalidation plans
  • Spring 2018 GPhC launch platform for CPD components
  • Autumn 2018 Registrants renewing will be asked to submit CPD records
  • End 2018 Peer discussion and Reflective Account components included within GPhC platform

How can the RPS help me to prepare for revalidation?


Use of RPS lifelong portfolios to record your professional development and CPD

Use our Faculty or Foundation e-portfolios to make lifelong records of your professional development and CPD.

Our Faculty portfolio is for pharmacists who have been practising for more than two years, whilst our Foundation portfolio is aimed at pharmacists in their first 1000 days of practice.

One to one professional support and advice

Our professional support service offers one to one confidential advice, over the telephone or by email. Our team can help you gauge where you are in your revalidation/CPD journey and support you along the way using our lifelong e-portfolios, or using the GPhC re-registration platform.

Contact the Professional Support Service on:

0845 257 2570 / 0207 572 2737  (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)
[email protected]

Learning materials and topics for learning

Together with the Pharmaceutical Journal, we have a wide variety of learning materials, resources and suggestions for what to write about:

Tools to support peer discussion

The RPS professional development frameworks offer peer assessment tools and case based discussions which exceed revalidation peer discussion requirements. We also offer a mentoring service and an opportunity to discuss matters with pharmacists and advisors providing the professional support service.

Tools to support reflective account

The reflective account component is expected to become a requirement by the end of 2018. An online reflective account tool is available in our Foundation portfolio, and guide to reflective accounts is coming soon.


Ongoing RPS developments

  • We are continuing to work with GPhC towards the  goal of eliminating the need for “dual recording”
  • We plan to offer a 2018 CPD peer review service learning from our 2016 pilot. 
  • We will make recording CPD as easy as possible by developing a new ‘revalidation platform’ that can be used to populate our Faculty and Foundation e-portfolios, and be submitted to GPhC for revalidation.
  • RPS consultation response

Looking for our previous CPD resources?

You can still find our resources for the 2011-2017 CPD framework, in our CPD section.