Professional Development Curricula: Knowledge Guides

Professional Development Curricula provide a structure to support you to be a confident and capable Pharmacist

We recommend that you use our new Professional Knowledge Guides alongside our Frameworks, such as the Foundation and Advanced Pharmacy Frameworks, to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will support you in developing your practice. 

Curricula elements

RPS Professional Development Curricula 2018

Use our Guides and Frameworks to build your learning portfolio for Revalidation, and to be recognised through the RPS Foundation and Faculty assessments.

The Guides and Frameworks can also be used by education and training providers to allow a consistent approach to training and professional development activities.

We will continue to work with generalists and specialists from across the profession to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date.

Core Knowledge Guides

Relevant to all practitioners throughout their Foundation and Core Advanced training period, regardless of area of practice. The focus and context of these guides will depend on your role.

Published in 2018

Specialist Knowledge Guides

Relevant to pharmacists focusing on a specific area(s) of practice. They may be relevant at any stage depending on your role.

Published in 2014

Updated specialist knowledge guides coming soon……

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