Community Pharmacy Practice: Preparing for day one


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Essential guide to community pharmacy practice: Preparing for day one

Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is for pharmacists who are preparing for their first day of practice in community pharmacy. It can support those who are newly qualified, those who are changing from another sector to community, and those returning to practice after a period of absence. It is for both locum pharmacists (contractors) and employees.

How can this guidance help me?

Feedback from community pharmacists suggests that their first day of practice can be an exciting but daunting experience. 

For newly qualified pharmacists this will be the first time that they are ‘flying solo’ and are accountable as a fully qualified pharmacist.For those who are changing sector the different pharmacy environment will also be a new experience.

For those returning to practice a lot may have changed since they last set foot in a community pharmacy. Pharmacists need to ensure they are fully competent and fit to work in community pharmacy. It is essential that they have the required knowledge, skills and behaviours so that they can provide high quality of care to ensure the safety of their patients. If not fully prepared it could potentially be an overwhelming experience.