Pre-Reg Prep podcast

What do I need to know for my Pre-Registration year?


Your pharmacy pre-registration year is a massive learning curve. Join Helen Chang from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society every month as she talks to experienced Pre-Reg students and tutors who share their insights about coping with the challenges it brings.

Whether you want to know about your first day, how to meet performance standards, prepare for your appraisals or pass your assessments, this is the podcast for you.

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Episode #6: Revising with ONtrack

In this episode we're talking about ONtrack, our online revision resource to help you pass your Pre-Reg assessment. With hundreds of pharmacy questions in the same format as your Pre-Reg assessment, ONtrack lets you practice extended matching answer, single best answer and calculations.

Episode #5: Passing Your Assessment, Part Two: Multiple-Choice

In our second episode about the Pre-Reg assessment, we're tackling the Multiple-Choice paper. Single Best Answer, Extended Matching Questions, Mock Exams - we cover them all.

Episode #4: Passing Your Assessment, Part One: Calculations

Worried about the assessment Calculations paper? We've got expert tips to help you prepare for the paper and resources to help you practice answering those tricky calculations questions.

Episode #3: Your First Appraisal

What is a Pre-Reg appraisal? We’ll look at what they’re for and how best to prepare for them. We’ll also ask why your first appraisal is so important compared to future appraisals and explain expectations at week 13, so you can plan your next steps.

Episode #2: Your Performance Standards

What are the Pre-Reg year standards? We’ll look at the requirements and provide some handy tips on gathering, recording and reviewing your evidence to ensure you’re where you need to be.

Episode #1: The milestones in your year

What should you expect in your Pre-Reg year? This episode explains how you can prepare for the coming year, the challenges you’ll face, key milestones to reach and all the resources available to you. 

Pre-Reg podcasts: an introduction

Helen Chang introduces you to our series for Pre-Reg pharmacy students. The podcasts will guide and support you through your Pre-Reg year, with helpful tips and advice from expert guests.