Clinical Checks

Quick reference guide

Learn about the key areas to be considered when performing a clinical check, including:

  • the patient
  • the medicine
  • administration or monitoring.

This guidance does not cover:

  • prescription legality
  • accuracy checking
  • specialist areas of treatment e.g. chemotherapy
  • IV prescriptions, which may have additional screening requirements.

Sections on this page

  • Why is this important for you?
  • Key points
  • Where can I obtain relevant information to enable me to clinically check a prescription?
  • What are the key areas to consider when conducting a clinical check?
  • What patient characteristics should I consider when conducting a clinical check?
  • What aspects of the medication regimen should I consider?
  • What aspects relating to administration and monitoring should I look out for?
  • Do I need to keep records of any clinical checks made?

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