This is a platform for us to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments, and also to act as a hub of information for the range of Ebola related resources.

Latest information

Latest information about the international situation is available on the World Health Organization website.

  • Subscribe to receive Ebola updates from Gov.uk

Users of Gov.uk can subscribe to receive an email alert when new information is uploaded to the Ebola: clinical management and guidance section of the website. To do this go to subscriptions and register your email address. You will then be offered a choice of topics to subscribe to which includes Ebola.

  • Ebola information on ResilienceDirect

Ebola information, including Top Line Briefs, is uploaded by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat to ResilienceDirect, a browser based tool for the exchange of secure information for routine planning and response to emergencies.

Your emergency planning lead should have access to ResilienceDirect if you need any of these documents.

Resources for the pharmacy

Public Health England and NHS England have issued pharmacy-specific posters for pharmacy staff and for the public.

Community pharmacies are asked to prominently display the pharmacy staff poster in an area of the pharmacy, that staff use regularly and the one for members of the public where people will be able to see it easily.

The pharmacist should assure him or herself that all staff have read the posters and understand how to respond if they encounter a person who they think are showing relevant symptoms.

NHS Wales has developed a bilingual version of the Public Health England material, which will be distributed to pharmacies in Wales. You can also download the poster from the NHS Wales website.

The Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer at NHS England has recorded a video blog to ensure pharmacists know how to recognise a potential Ebola case and what to do if they are presented with one.

Where to go for further information

Who to contact if you need urgent advice about Ebola