Taking part in webinars


Webinars are interactive virtual seminars, conferences and debates conducted by utilising online software that enables viewers to participate via a PC or laptop. Webinars are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. The RPS regularly hosts webinars to consult members and inform their practice.

RPS webinars enable ‘virtual’ attendees to listen to and interact live with a speaker, trainer or panel of experts without the hassle and cost of travelling to the event location. Attendees can watch and listen to presentations through their laptop or desktop PC. They are also able to pose questions and feedback by text. Questions are generally collated by the webinar chair and then put to the panel or presenter to respond. 

Here are some tips for joining an RPS webinar: 

Joining a webinar

Before the webinar

  • At least one day before the event you need to check your computer is set up correctly to be able join the webinar. Have you downloaded and installed the necessary software? Have you registered for the event and received a confirmation email? The answer to both of these questions needs to be ‘yes’. If you try and do this as the event starts it may be too late
  • Once registered and in receipt of your emailed joining instructions, keep the information handy. Dial in a few minutes before the webinar is due to start and you should be set to go.

During the webinar

  • Watch and listen to presentations via your laptop or PC computer
  • If you don't have headphones or speakers, use the telephone number provided in the joining instructions to 'dial in' in order to listen to the event’s audio stream
  • As you listen you can submit questions about the presentations by text - these may be responded to by text or put to the panel later for a verbal reply
  • The webinar chair will direct questions back to the panel for responses.
  • More guidance on how to join an RPS webinar.

After the event

If you were unable to attend an RPS webinar or would just like to recap on what was discussed you will find a recording of the event on the previous webinars page on the RPS website. This practice will be common with other webinars too.

Questions put to the panel may also be published with answers later in a ‘questions and answers’ document.