Tweeting from events

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Live tweeting from an event is a way of sharing key quotes, facts and highlights in bite sized chunks interactively online.

When you tweet important and interesting points from event speakers you instantly share them - giving others the opportunity to retweet, like, or reply to you. 

For attendees and organisers alike, live-tweeting is now a fixture for most conferences and other events. Tweeting hash tags (#) are promoted for many weeks ahead of the event taking place and free internet access is often provided at venues to encourage attendees to get interactive.

Joining in can often help develop your knowledge and understanding of event themes, as well as developing your social media networks.

If you are planning to tweet at an event, here are some tips to help you hone your skills. 

Before the event

  • Pose questions or themes for discussion related to the event
  • Promote the event and your attendance with your networks
  • Include the event official hash tag in all your tweets.

Here is an example of a pre-event tweet:


During the event

  • Share learnings, quotes, pictures and useful information with your followers
  • Interact with other event attendees and the organisers 
  • Expand your networks and make new connections.

After the event

  • Catch up on sessions you missed
  • Join scheduled post-conference twitter chats
  • Promote blogs about the event
  • Share and interact with learnings of the other participants of the event
  • Stay connected with new contacts made during the event.

Event Twitter tips

  • Find out the official event hashtag (#) and use it in all your tweets
  • If you quote someone make sure the quote is written and attributed correctly. Use the Twitter handle of anyone you reference e.g. @ashsoni0607 said “xxxxxxxxxx”
  • If appropriate, add context to your tweets by linking to pictures/ websites/ videos and audio clips
  • Follow others during the event and 'follow back' those who start following you 
  • Keep the conversations going by retweeting and replying to interesting tweets.

Event follow-up

  • Write a blog about the event or look out for blogs written by others and interact with them
  • Keep an eye out for the event’s Storify summary - this can be useful to revisit or continue conversations.