Biological and biosimilar medicines


Presented by Professor Jayne Lawrence, Professor of Biophysical Pharmaceutics, Kings College London and Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

About this webinar

Biologicals (or biological medicines) are revolutionising the treatment of patients by offering new and effective medicines for a whole variety of serious and life threatening conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. These medicines, however, are generally very expensive as they require more complex manufacture processes and controls than conventional medicines containing small molecule drugs. As the patents expire for the original biologicals, biosimilar medicines are being increasingly introduced into the market to provide additional treatment options. Unlike generic medicines, biosimilars cannot be considered as exact copies of the original biological, a fact which has major implications for their use in treating patients.

This webinar will:

  • Explain how biologicals (or biological medicines) differ from conventional medicines, including how they are made
  • Explain what a biosimilar is and the differences between a biosimilar and  the original biological and a biosimilar and a generic medicine
  • Discuss the implications of the above on the use of biological and biosimilar medicines in patients