Biosimilars: What is a biosimilar medicine?


Presented by Professor Jayne Lawrence, Professor of Biophysical Pharmaceutics, Kings College London and Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

About this webinar

Biological medicines have revolutionised patient treatment by offering new and effective medicines for a whole variety of conditions. As the patent expires for the original biological molecules, biosimilar medicines are being introduced to provide additional treatment options. Until recently biosimilar medicines have been largely confined to secondary care, although it is anticipated that the first biosimilar insulin product will be introduced into primary care later this year.

This webinar:

  • Explains what a biosimilar medicine is and how a biosimilar differs from a generic medicine
  • Explains why it is important that pharmacists are aware of their responsibilities around switching of a biological medicine and whether automatic substitution is permitted.

The webinar is suitable for all members wishing to learn more about biosimilars, particularly those working in primary and secondary care.

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