Prescribing Competency Framework


The webinar introduces both existing prescribers and those considering a prescribing qualification to the prescribing competency framework and how it can be used to support prescribing practice.

Presented by Catherine Picton, lead author of the Prescribing Competency Framework; Dawne Garrett, Professional Lead, Royal College of Nursing and Kat Hall, Director of Centre for Inter-Professional Postgraduate Education and Training (CIPPET), School of Pharmacy, University of Reading.

Catherine will highlight the framework's key competencies and describe how the framework can be used in practice.

Dawne, a prescriber herself, will discuss how she has used the competency framework to support her with revalidation.

Kat will talk about how the prescribing competency framework is used by CIPPET as part of the education programme for nurses and pharmacists training to become prescribers.