Inclusion and diversity progress through ABCD

Our five-year Inclusion and Diversity strategy is our commitment to improving inclusion, diversity and creating a sense of belonging for the whole profession.

At our ABCD meetings – the forum where we collaborate with you on I&D – the group highlighted the issues they’re concerned about and we’re championing these:

  • Race and health inequality: Too often policy decisions are made without the input of groups affected by them
  • Transparency: Recruitment to leadership roles, steering groups, project teams and other processes need to be much more transparent
  • Representation: Not all pharmacists have the same opportunities in their career due to barriers, resulting in a lack of representation and visibility for diverse groups
  • Fairness: GPhC Fitness to Practice processes must be improved to remove inequality and unconscious bias
  • Disability: Pharmacists with disabilities are not well supported and do not feel comfortable in disclosing their disability status.

We’re also creating a plan which will outline more work with you to take these forward. As we move through the strategy we’ll continuously update this as change is achieved.

Join our ABCD action group and work with us to achieve positive change for the profession. Register for our next meeting on Thursday 11 Feb 7-8.30pm.