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Listen to the RPS Pharma Scene podcast #6

This week on the RPS Pharma Scene podcast, RPS Chief Scientist Professor Gino Martini gets insight into the UK COVID-19 vaccine programme through speaking to a very special guest.

Gino is joined by Sir Richard Sykes, who was appointed Chair of the UK Government's Vaccine Taskforce in June 2021, and also chairs the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the UK Stem Cell Foundation.

Sir Richard, who has extensive experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, imparts his knowledge about the role of the Vaccine Taskforce, the booster vaccine campaign, and coping with COVID-19 varients - as well as the 'very important' role pharmacies and pharmacists have played during the pandemic.

"Many pharmacists were recruited into the vaccine centres, without that it would have been an enormous problem. Many did it in their spare time, not just when they were working - and recently pharamcists have been delivering vaccinations to people within the pharnaciss themselves," says Sir Richard.

"That is a big logistics exercise, to deliver the booster campaign and the flu vaccine, and of course pharmacies and pharmacists will be paying a very important role in that," he adds. 

He also encourages everyone in the UK to get vaccinated, and notes the success of the programme so far with all adults being offered a first dose by the target date.

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This episode was recorded on September 9.