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RPS Pharma Scene #5 - Black History Month

With Tase Oputu and Adanna Anthony-Okeke

This episode, RPS President Claire Anderson and RPS Head of Professional Belonging Aman Doll celebrate Black History Month by chatting with Tase Oputu and Adanna Anthony-Okeke, pharmacists at different stages in their careers, about what it means to be black in pharmacy - and what still needs to change.

Tase is the Lead Pharmacist for Medicines Commissioning and Pathways at Barts Health NHS Trust and is a member of the English Pharmacy Board.

And Adanna is a fifth year Pharmacy student at the University of Nottingham. 

Both have been championing black pharmacists in the workplace and in education in Great Britain and beyond. Find out what they have been doing in this week's instalment of the RPS Pharma Scene podcast.

About Tase

Tase637702374851736947Tase Oputu has worked in the NHS and hospital pharmacy for over 26 years. She has a wide and varied career which has included working in Tanzania with Voluntary Services Overseas, public health strategy with the Healthcare Commission, and several senior hospital pharmacy manager roles in hospitals in London and the South East.

She is currently the Lead Pharmacist for Medicines Commissioning and Pathways at Barts Health NHS Trust and is a member of the English Pharmacy Board and Assembly Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Tase is passionate about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, as you can hear in this instalment of the podcast. She is a graduate of the 'Ready Now' NHS Leadership Academy programme for senior BME leaders and has chaired the BME staff networks at Newham Hospital and Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. She is proud to have been part of the organising group for the first ever Black History Month event at the RPS in 2019.

In her spare time Tase is passionate about reading, especially black literature, as well as practicing yoga and other forms of exercise.

About Adanna 

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Adanna Anthony-Okeke is a fifth year pharmacy student at the University of Nottingham and former Vice President of the university’s PharmSoc, as well as the Eastern Area Coordinator of the BPSA.

Alongside her studies, in her second year at university, Adanna noticed areas within the formal and hidden curriculum lacked racial inclusivity. She formed a team with fellow students at the university to decolonise the course and address diversity in the curriculum. The group are questioning modules taught at the university, and is working with the placing team to make sure students are sent to placements with a diverse range of pharmacists. 

Adanna wants to ensure pharmacists are being trained to cater to multi-ethnic societies and is looking to organise teaching sessions for conditions not covered representatively, such as Sickle Cell Disease. 

She wants to question things and work together to create change and inspire future generations of black pharmacy students. 

RPS Pharma Scene #4 - Allyship

With Mike Maguire and Farzana Haq

This episode, RPS Head of Professional Belonging Aman Doll chats with Mike Maguire and Farzana Haq. The pair formed an allyship following an RPS Allyship Webinar as part of the society's Inclusion and Diversity work.

An allyship is where individuals come together to build a relationship of trust to gain a better understanding of a marginalised individual or group and their experiences.

Mike and Farzana tell us about their experiences during their journey as allies, sharing shocking stories and experiences, as well as educational insight and explain why you should start an allyship.

About Mike

DPP_Mike-Maguire_048-large copy (002)

Mike Maguire is a member of the RPS English Pharmacy Board and has served as Chair of the Tees Branch of the RPS and as Chair of Tees Local Pharmaceutical Committee. He is a Community Pharmacist by background, owning his own Community Pharmacy for nearly 30 years until July 2018. 

Mike currently has a role with NHSE/I as Local Professional Network Chair for the North East and North Cumbria region helping to make the healthcare system more effective.

He is currently leading a regional initiative to increase the use and benefit of electronic Repeat Dispensing. It was in this role that Mike created the CPRS programme in the North East, which evolved into the national Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

He formed the allyship with Farzana following an RPS Allyship Webinar.

About Farzana


A member of RPS, Farzana has 16 years’ post-registration experience and is currently a practice pharmacist in Fife, Scotland. She has also worked in community pharmacy as a manager and locum, secondary care as a clinical pharmacist and a pharmacist advisor with NHS24.

She is an active independent prescriber with an interest in cardiovascular long-term management and acts as a mentor for early career pharmacists as part of the RPS mentorship platform and carries out tutorials for GP registrars and ScotGEM students.

Farzana comes from a South Asian background and was the first member in her family to study at university. By having more pharmacists involved in an allyship she believes we may begin to achieve a fair healthcare workforce, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Pharmacy is a very diverse profession, and she feels strongly that its leadership should represent the full breadth of our profession, which it lacks in at the moment.

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