Listen to the latest RPS Pharma Scene podcast

Technology and pharmacy: this week's instalment of the new RPS Pharma Scene podcast sees Chief Scientist Gino Martini interview Dr. Hirkirit Virdee to find out what Blockchain technology is.

Gino finds out about Kirit's career, how Blockchain Technology can be used in pharmacy, and why it important for establishing trust.

Kirit completed a Pharmacy degree before studying Medicine and practicing as a doctor and now co-leads the PharmaLedger Project.

The PharmaLedger Project aims to "change the way patients are empowered" and provides a widely trusted platform that supports the design and adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions benefitting the entire ecosystem.

Kirit says in the podcast: "Technology has changed how patients acess medical information or literature, and many people forget that we literally have a super computer in the palm of your hand that can give you information on anything you want in seconds.

"Blockchain Technology is a way to keep information secure, accurate and immutable."

Listen to Episode 2 of the RPS Pharma Scene podcast here