Stress Awareness Day 2020

COVID-19 has shown just how vital it is that our pharmacy teams get the support that they need for their mental health and wellbeing. 

Today on Stress Awareness Day, we recognise the ever-increasing pressures that pharmacists are under. You’ve been working tirelessly during the various lockdowns. Even before COVID-19, our workforce wellbeing survey reported many of you are on the verge of burnout and it’s important you get the support you need.

We’ve been calling for pharmacists to have equal access to mental health and wellbeing services and have gained access for teams to the NHS mental health support line. We’re continuing to work with governments, the NHS and others to improve the services available for our profession.

If you’re struggling and don’t know where to start, take a look at our Facebook Live on how to start a conversation about mental health. Check out our wellbeing hub which is full of useful help and advice. If you’re a member, just log in to see it. And if you’re not, all you have to do to get access is to register on our site.

We’re collaborating on wellbeing with the charity Pharmacist Support, which provides a wide variety of free and confidential services for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students. Contact [email protected] or call 0808 168 2233.