RPS Wales gives evidence to Senedd chronic conditions inquiry

Elen Jones and Chris Brown giving evidence to the Senedd’s Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry into chronic conditions

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Wales has given oral evidence to the Senedd’s Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry into chronic conditions, following a written consultation response, providing insights to inform the committee's final report and recommendations to the Welsh Government.

Representing RPS Wales were Elen Jones, Director for Wales, and expert member Chris Brown. Both emphasised the pivotal role pharmacists play in supporting patients with chronic conditions or those at risk, highlighting opportunities to further leverage their expertise and outlining the additional support pharmacists may require in the future.

A significant aspect of the discussion focused on how pharmacists can empower patients to optimise their medication management. This includes collaborating with patients to streamline their medication regimen, addressing polypharmacy concerns, and engaging in appropriate prescribing or de-prescribing practices. Other topics addressed during the session encompassed health literacy and prevention efforts, facilitating self-management among patients, advocating for enhanced referral pathways, and addressing health inequalities.

Commenting on the session, Elen Jones said:

Building on our previous engagement at the Senedd on the profession’s role in supporting patients at risk of or diagnosed with a chronic condition(s), we were delighted to return for a more in-depth discussion with the committee. In addition to explaining pharmacy's integral role in chronic condition management, we aimed to underscore the necessary support required for the profession to effectively fulfil this role.”

This encompassed advocating for:

  • Consistent integration of pharmacy teams within broader multidisciplinary frameworks.
  • Job planning that allows adequate time for training.
  • Mitigation strategies for challenges like medicine shortages.

Elen added: “I’d also like to extend our thanks to Chris Brown for his readiness to support our advocacy work. His vast experience and expertise in this area really shone through and brought our key messages to life for the committee. Diolch Chris!”.

You can watch the whole session here.

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