Science and Research Board(formerly Pharmaceutical Science Expert Advisory Panel)

Our Science and Research Board (SRB), formerly known as the Pharmaceutical Science Expert Advisory Panel, was created in September 2010. It's composed of leading figures in science and research from academic, industrial, regulatory, hospital and community practice.

The Board provides strategic leadership, advocacy and expert advice around pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy research, across Great Britain, and as part of our role internationally.

It is also responsible for setting our strategic direction, providing oversight of the delivery and advancement of our strategic imperatives around pharmaceutical sciences, research and evaluation.

The SRB forms part of our formal governance structure and is directly accountable to, and the Chair will report to, our Assembly. The Board works closely with our National Boards (for England, Scotland and Wales) to inform our policy through thought leadership and support with consultation responses. It also works closely with the Faculty and Education Board, and our Expert Advisory Groups, developing aims, objectives and goals in accordance with our Governance.

The SRB is supported by our Science and Research Team. Contact them at: [email protected]


  • Christine Bond (Chair)
  • Alastair Coupe
  • Duncan Craig
  • Catherine Edgeworth
  • Rachel Elliott
  • Richard Guy
  • Linda Hakes
  • Mike Hannay
  • Gillian Hawksworth
  • Ray Hill
  • Dyfrig Hughes
  • Peter Hylands
  • Dai John
  • Jayne Lawrence
  • Simon MacKay
  • Tony Moffat
  • Kendal Pitt
  • Theo Raynor
  • Philip Routledge
  • Valerie Sillito
  • Andrew Teasdale
  • Simon White
  • Peter Kopelman (FEB)
  • Jacqueline Sneddon (AmEAG)