Membership Committee

Applications for candidates needed

Four members are needed to serve on our Membership Committee.

The Committee is appointed by the Appointments Committee of the Assembly, and consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and eight other members, one of whom will be a Fellow and the others Members of the Society. National Pharmacy Board members are eligible, but Committee members cannot be members of the Assembly.

The Committee should broadly be representative of the profession, and reports to the Assembly through an annual report.

To apply

Download the Membership Committee Application Form and Membership Committee Terms of Reference.

Email your application form and CV to [email protected] before 9am on Friday 16 August 2019.

Our Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Supporting staff
  • Putting membership policy into practice
  • Developing new member policies for the Committee
  • Reviewing non-standard membership applications
  • Administering our Conduct Scheme – and assessing any complaints
  • Hearing appeals – and prescribing appropriate resolutions, in line with the Laws of The Society
  • Auditing membership policy.
The Membership Committee looks at every application or membership referred to it and make their decisions based upon:
  • The circumstances of the removal or suspension, where relevant
  • The past history of the applicant/member
  • The reputation of the profession and of the Society
  • Any other representations that the applicant/member may wish to make in writing to the committee
  • If membership could provide support and guidance to the applicant in seeking re-admission to the register.

Who sits on the Membership Committee?

  • Anne Boyter FRPharmS (Chair)
  • Paul Jenks MRPharmS (Vice Chair)
  • Mohammed Yousaf Ahmad MFRPSII MRPharmS
  • Sarah Cockbill FRPharmS
  • Cathy Cooke MRPharmS
  • Keith Davies MRPharmS
  • Ross Ferguson MFRPSI MRPharmS
  • Gareth Holyfield FRPharmS
  • Sally Lau FFRPS MRPharmS