Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • supporting staff
  • putting membership policy into practice
  • developing new member policies for the Committee
  • reviewing non-standard membership applications
  • administering our Conduct Scheme – and assessing any complaints
  • hearing appeals – and prescribing appropriate resolutions, in line with the Laws of The Society
  • auditing membership policy
The Membership Committee looks at every application or membership referred to it and make their decisions based upon:
  • the circumstances of the removal or suspension, where relevant
  • the past history of the applicant/member
  • the reputation of the profession and of the Society
  • any other representations that the applicant/member may wish to make in writing to the committee
  • if membership could provide support and guidance to the applicant in seeking re-admission to the register.

Who sits on the Membership Committee?

Chair: Anne Boyter FRPharmS
Vice Chair: Paul Jenks MRPharmS
  • Mohammed Yousaf Ahmad MFRPSII MRPharmS
  • Sarah Cockbill FRPharmS
  • Cathy Cooke MRPharmS
  • Keith Davies MRPharmS
  • Ross Ferguson MFRPSI MRPharmS
  • Gareth Holyfield FRPharmS
  • Sally Lau FFRPS MRPharmS