Deborah Stafford MRPharmS

Deborah Stafford

Scottish Pharmacy Board

Deborah has always worked in the secondary care setting across four very different health boards. She champions the role of pharmacists who do not provide face to face clinical services, but deliver specialist pharmacy services nonetheless. 

In her current role, she is responsible for the development of early year pharmacist training, and she also contributes to the weekend working team, to keep in touch with the core pharmacy service.

Deborah has experience of working with colleagues from community, practice and hospital pharmacy, medicine and pharmacy schools and multi-disciplinary teams developing patient services and learning opportunities for early career pharmacists.

Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge of the challenges faced by early career pharmacists, seeking to move between sectors, and an appreciation of the concerns that the non-prescribing pharmacists have with regard to their future career options. 

Her aim each day is to ensure that all pharmacists appreciate the contribution that the profession provides to health care, ensuring safe use of medicines for the public.