RPS and UKCPA Advanced Pharmacist Critical Care curriculum consultation 

What is happening? 

Following on from the launch of the RPS core advanced curriculum, the RPS has worked collaboratively with the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) with support from The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) to develop the Advanced Pharmacist Critical Care curriculum. 

This curriculum defines the purpose, programme of learning and the programme of assessment for entry-level advanced pharmacists practising in critical care. This sits supplementary to the capabilities defined in the RPS core advanced curriculum. These ensure that the person, medicines optimisation and service delivery is at the heart of the advanced pharmacist in critical care role. 

The level of practice described in this curriculum is the entry to advanced pharmacist in critical care practice and lays the groundwork for pharmacists wishing to progress towards consultant level practice in critical care.

The RPS and UKCPA advanced pharmacist critical care curriculum supports the development of a consistent, portable and flexible advanced critical care pharmacist workforce by articulating the common capabilities of all advanced pharmacists in critical care.

The RPS and UKCPA advanced pharmacist critical care curriculum and credential have been developed to provide assurance to pharmacists, employers, the wider multi-professional team and the public of the capability of advanced pharmacists working in critical care settings.

To develop the underlying curriculum and assessment, a critical care curriculum task and finish group was created to provide a coordinated approach to developing the advanced pharmacist critical care curriculum.

The curriculum has been developed in line with the RPS Curriculum Development Quality Framework which defines the standards to be met by any RPS post-registration pharmacy curriculum. 

The curriculum is open to all pharmacists practising with appropriate critical care experience. Membership of the RPS or UKCPA is not a requirement to access either the curriculum or credentialing assessment.


The formal consultation of the draft curriculum will open on Wednesday 14th February and last until Tuesday 12th March

How can I get involved?

 We would like to invite you to feedback as an interested stakeholder on the content of the curriculum, its feasibility in terms of delivery, its relevance to all countries, and to help us understand how the curriculum may impact different social groups.   Please note the consultation is open to all RPS members and non-members. 

If you would like to comment, you can submit your feedback via the online form or the word document. Please send your completed word document to [email protected]. The document below will be available until Tuesday 12th March. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].