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Journal Club Presentation (JCP) example


Evaluates the individual’s ability to present at a journal club demonstrating knowledge of research methods and critical evaluation skills.

Examples of when it can be used

  • Providing a contextualised summary of a new study to a multidisciplinary group, critiquing the strengths and limitations of the study, consider how it add to the existing knowledge base


  • Provide feedback on what the pharmacist did well and areas for development.
  • The overall rating should reflect the expected level of an advanced pharmacist as defined in the curriculum.
  • ‘Not applicable’ means that the pharmacist did not cover the identified area as it was not within the context of the procedure or case.
  • ‘Below’ means that either the pharmacist did not cover the identified area to a competent level or it was not demonstrated at all, and should have been.



Title *

Journal club presentation

Date of assessment *



Collaborator Details

Collaborator name *

Dr Khan

Collaborator email

Only required for sending ticketed invitations

[email protected]

Collaborator position *


Collaborator profession *


Collaborator declaration *

I can confirm I have read the RPS collaborator guidance and have the appropriate experience to complete this assessment. I confirm I have completed the assessment objectively and independently.



Details of Paper(s)

Summary of paper(s) presented *


I presented a paper on the use of a new long-acting injectable medicine for diabetes.

It had a positive impact on diabetes control, weight, and cardiovascular outcomes.

The introduction of this medicine within our practices will require additional monitoring, and an update of our internal diabetes protocols.

Clinical setting(s) *

General Practice


Collaborator Assessment

Introduces the topic

Describes the background to the topic, the rational for and clinical relevance of the study question, and a summary of existing literature *




Not applicable

Comments: strengths and/or areas for development *

As our practice lead for diabetes, the pharmacist was able to provide all of the relevant context underpinning this paper, presenting not just the national picture but also local context, and how this would impact on our local population.

Study methodology and results

Clearly describes the aim, study population including inclusion/exclusion criteria, the intervention, outcomes, and statistical analysis (as appropriate to study design) *




Not applicable

Comments: strengths and/or areas for development *

The pharmacist provided a clear summary of the study methodology, the population included (and excluded), and the benefits and side effects associated with the medicines. 

Analysis and critique

Describes strengths/weaknesses of the paper and their own perspective on the validity of the study results / authors’ conclusions. *




Not applicable

Comments: strengths and/or areas for development *

The pharmacist was able to critique the trial data, describing the validity of the author’s conclusions, and also identifying potential issues (e.g. real world practice vs trial conditions, the complexity of the local population compared to the trial population, etc.).

Implications for practice

Describes implications for current / future clinical practice and research. *




Not applicable

Comments: strengths and/or areas for development *


The pharmacist really understood how this evidence and the potential introduction of this new medicine impacted on local practice. She had already updated our local diabetes protocol, and clearly articulated how this would be implemented.


Presents in a clear and concise way, appropriately uses visual material, conveys their critical evaluation of the topic into a concise and flowing presentation. *




Not applicable

Comments: strengths and/or areas for development *

The pharmacist demonstrated her ability to describe complex information in a way that was understandable for the mixed audience (including GPs, practice nurses, AHPs, and a range of students). She was articulate and clear, and managed questions extremely well.

She appeared confident and knowledgeable throughout.


Summary of Assessment

Overall rating *

Based on your observation of this presentation, rate the overall level at which the pharmacist has shown that they are performing


Below the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Working towards the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Meets the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Other relevant comments or feedback


A really strong presentation and great demonstration of clinical, critical analysis, and presentation skills.


The pharmacist has developed significantly over the last 12 months, and is emerging as a clinical expert in diabetes.

Agreed action(s)


The pharmacist has been asked to repeat the presentation across the region and will lead on the implementation of the new medicine for our local area.

Learner's reflection

Describe what you have learned. How will it change your practice in the future?


I was really pleased with the feedback from Dr Khan, who leads on long-term conditions for our region, and regularly reviews and critically appraises clinical trials.

Whilst I have grown in confidence in my clinical practice around diabetes, I had not undertaken any critical appraisal since my postgraduate diploma. I accessed some learning materials which helped to refresh my knowledge. I was really happy that I was able to present the trial data confidently and competently, and answer a range of questions including some on the trial methodology.

I’m looking forward to presenting the data to a wider audience.



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