Core Advanced Pharmacist e-portfolio

Teaching Observation (TO) example


Evaluates the individual’s ability to deliver an effective learning experience to others.

Examples of when it can be used

  • Developing and delivering a teaching session for undergraduate students from a range of backgrounds
  • Developing and delivering a teaching session for multidisciplinary teams in your local institution


  • Provide feedback on what the pharmacist did well and areas for development.
  • The overall rating should reflect the expected level of an advanced pharmacist as defined in the curriculum.



Title *

Developing & delivering a workshop to undergraduate students (lecture and practical exercise) on interpreting renal function blood test results.

Date of assessment *



Collaborator Details

Collaborator name *


Collaborator email

Only required for sending ticketed invitations

[email protected]

Collaborator position *

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Collaborator profession *


Collaborator declaration *

I can confirm I have read the RPS collaborator guidance and have the appropriate experience to complete this assessment. I confirm I have completed the assessment objectively and independently.



Details of Session

Setting *


Face to face workshop (lecture plus a practical exercise)


Learner group *

Undergraduate pharmacy students

Brief description of session *

I was asked by the local university to help them develop & deliver a workshop on interpreting renal function blood test results to a group of 20 undergraduate students who were all on placements in our local hospital. The workshop involved a lecture, and then a practical exercise which asked students to interpret the results of renal function tests in the context of a few different case studies. Students needed to explain how the results effected the pharmacological management of the case, and the further monitoring requirements of the patient.


Number of learners *

Less than 5     5-15        16-30        More than 30

Collaborator Assessment



Introduction *

  • Introduces self
  • Gains attention of group
  • States clear learning outcomes

The pharmacist displayed an open, relaxed and friendly attitude throughout the session, and clearly managed to engage with the students.

The learning objectives were clear and directly related to the session that she had been asked to deliver.

Main part of session *

  • Content appropriate to the level and needs of learners
  • Emphasises key points
  • Clear, concise delivery
  • Knowledge of subject
  • Logical sequence
  • Good pace
  • Good use of voice / tone
  • Uses appropriate and effective resources to support learning
  • Promotes active learner participation
  • Effective use of questioning
  • Appropriate teaching methods used
  • Provides explicit, detailed and constructive feedback to learners

The pharmacist managed to take the students through a very clear and logical presentation. She presented things in a very simple but thoughtful way. She managed to break things down and make them easily understandable and relatable.

She set some approachable pre-reading and highlighted further reading in her talk.

During the workshop / case study element, the pharmacist engaged the students really well, promoting active participation. She actively tried to involve those that stayed quiet. Her feedback during the cases was informative, friendly and non-judgmental, showing where the student had done well, and also highlighting other aspects that they had missed.

The presentation and workshop scored very highly from the students that were present (see feedback from students in uploaded attachment below).

Conclusion *

  • Summarises key points
  • Learning outcomes achieved
  • Keeps to time

At the end of the session, the pharmacist wrapped up by delivering one final slide and talking about some of the feedback from the cases. She then set the students a few experiential tasks to take away with them. We ran a few of minutes over the allotted time, but this was not a problem.


Summary of assessment

Overall rating *

Based on your observation, rate the overall level at which the pharmacist has shown that they are performing


Below the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Working towards the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Meets the level expected of an advanced pharmacist

Which aspects of the session were done well?*

The University was delighted with the session and will definitely be asking for help to deliver this session next year, and/or help develop different sessions in the future.

Suggested areas for improvement *


Agreed action(s)


Learner's reflection

Describe what you have learned. How will it change your practice in the future?




Upload a file to support this record

  • Feedback from students who attended workshop (collected independently by the university)
  • Slides from the presentation
  • Workshop cases



Consider what learning outcome(s) this record provides evidence for and map to all that apply

  • 4.3 Designs and delivers educational interventions that impact at a team and/or organisational level, supporting members of the pharmacy team, wider multidisciplinary team, and/or service users, to safely and effectively use medicines.


Linked Evidence

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