Pre-Reg trainees


COVID-19 has brought many changes to pharmacy - including the Pre-Reg year.

Pre-Reg training 2019/20

If you're in your Pre-Reg year now, finishing this summer, then Provisional Registration will probably affect you.

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Pre-Reg training 2020/21

If your Pre-Reg year begins in July 2020, then your Pre-Reg year should continue as usual.

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Pre-Reg trainees - if you're an RPS member, you're not alone!

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Our expert teams will be on hand to help and advise you, and our website is full of help, support and guidance to get you through your Pre-Reg year and beyond.

RPS members have complete access to our resources and services created especially for Pre-Reg pharmacists.

RPS Pre-Reg Member benefits

  • Help with Provisional Registration
  • Your own copy of the BNF and the BNFC
  • Free copy of Medicines, Ethics and Practice (MEP)
  • 30 days free access to our revision aid, ONtrack
  • Free subscription to the Pharmaceutical Journal
  • Full use of our e-Library
  • Discount on all PhP publications
  • Professional help from our one-to-one Support Team
  • Access to our RPS Mentoring Platform
  • Low prices on RPS events, mock exams and revision courses
  • Post-nominals after your name
  • Listen to our Pre-Reg podcasts.

All for just £1.50 a week!


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Pre-Reg during COVID-19

Are you a Pre-Reg trainee or tutor? Keep up with the latest changes on our Pre-Registration training and COVID-19 page.