Reviewing your progress

A. Personal effectiveness

  • A1.4 Respond with willingness and flexibility to new situations and to change
  • A1.8 Amend your behaviour, when necessary, based on evaluation of your performance by

B. Interpersonal Skills

  • B1.7 Act appropriately in response to spoken and unspoken needs of others
  • B1.11 Provide information and advice appropriate to the needs of the recipient(s)
  • B1.12 Handle conflict appropriately
  • B2.1 Acknowledge the ideas and opinions of others and act on them when appropriate
  • B2.4 Give constructive feedback to others based on accurate evaluation of their performance
  • B2.8 Supervise others in an appropriate manner to ensure that agreed outcomes are achieved
  • B2.9 Use your knowledge and skills effectively when helping others learn

C. Medicines and Health

  • C1.7 Supply extemporaneously prepared products according to the correct formula
  • C1.10 Respond appropriately to requests to dispense prescription-only items without a prescription
  • C2.1 Provide considered and correct answers to queries, founded on research-based evidence
  • C2.4 Actively provide information and advice to healthcare professionals
  • C2.5 Construct medication histories using a range of sources
  • C2.6 Use medication histories correctly
  • C2.8 Provide appropriate information and advice on the management of minor and common ailments
  • C2.10 Demonstrate awareness of emergency first aid

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