As a professional body akin to a Royal College, we provide support and guidance to support members with their day to day practice and professional development, supporting you to be the best you can be. We understand the value of inspirational tutorship and appreciate the invaluable contribution you as members make in creating an engaging, professional, high calibre workforce.

We are developing and refreshing a number of resources for Tutors to enable you to be a confident, empowered and effective tutor.  These resources will help:

  • those planning to become become a tutor;
  • new tutors;
  • experienced tutors;

to obtain an overview of the role and identify/develop relevant knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to perform succesfully and effectively in the role.

Our tutor resources and guidance will support you in your role as a tutor regardless of the sector or envionment your work in. We are developing a new suite of quick reference guides, handbooks, case studies, digital media and interactive tools.

Please re-visit this page regularly for the lastest news and guidance.


Tutor guidance

The RPS Tutor guidance for members who are Tutoring in all sectors/settings and roles, and is accompanied by supplements for pre-registration training and Foundation practice.

The Guidance and supplements provide:

  • Tutors with an outline of roles and responsibilities to enable them to effectively tutor students, pre-registration trainees, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and supports Tutors with implementing this in practice.
  • Tutees with an outline of the type of support and guidance that may be available from their Tutor and what they can expect in practice.

We are interested in hearing how you have used this Guidance and any feedback you may have, including how you have adapted and added to the Guidance, so that we can take these into account when we review future editions. Please send any comments, suggestions and feedback to Professional Support.

Case study

"Supporting my foundation pharmacist tutees to develop and grow has been an incredibly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Helping my recently qualified pharmacists focus and guide them towards their career aspirations has been my main motivation.

Offering observational feedback on their community pharmacy practice has been a daunting yet massively rewarding opportunity for us both. My tutees value my professional insights and personal experiences which in turn give them inspiration and encouragement for their own development. I also took the plunge and asked for their feedback on myself as a tutor. I am using this experience as an opportunity to refine my skills, looking at how I can become a better educator. This has given me great evidence for my RPS Faculty application.

Working closely with the RPS has also been a great experience. I can only thank them for their unfaltering support during my first year as an absolute novice foundation tutor. No matter how many times I made silly mistakes with the electronic tutor platform they were always there to help me!Would I encourage others to become a foundation tutor? Absolutely. Being able to observe your tutees become self-directed, reflective, motivated, well-rounded practitioners is a wonderful thing. Knowing you have helped them on this journey of development is even better."