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Level up your practice!

Become a CPCS-ready pharmacist

More and more pharmacists across England are taking minor patient consultations for illnesses and conditions – a responsibility previously reserved for GPs.

Take your pharmacy practice to the next level and become a CPCS-ready pharmacist.

Open to all!

Funded by the NHS for you, these online CPCS workshops are open to every pharmacist - whatever your experience.

Choose two sessions at a time convenient for you, join online from the comfort of your own home, and we'll do the rest.


CPCS and you

After your CPCS course, you’ll be the first port-of-call for patients, with the power to makes diagnoses, and recommend treatments or refer them for further evaluation.

You’ll assist and advise patients who would otherwise have to wait to visit their GP. Once you're CPCS-ready you’ll help to cut NHS waiting times, improve care quality, and increase respect for the profession.


Saving lives through consultation skills


Amul Mistry from Lees, saved a patient's life with his CPCS skills.

"As a community pharmacist, I felt that I already had good consultation skills.

"The training I received on consultation skills by the RPS [...]encouraged me to take time to listen to my patient and her concerns. Even though the patient did not display any of the classic symptoms of a MI, something was telling me that something was not quite right! "

Read the full story in his blog post - Saving lives through consultation skills

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing, because it’s fully NHS-funded, your CPCS workshops are completely free.

About the CPCS sessions

How do I become CPCS-ready?

You need to attend TWO online CPCS sessions, each around two hours long.

When are the CPCS sessions run?

You choose when you want to attend: all sessions are delivered online, so you can join us from the comfort of your own home, at times convenient to you - weekdays, evenings and Sundays!

What do I have to do?

Both your CPCS sessions will be taught by experienced clinicians: pharmacists, nurses, and GPs. Across the two sessions you'll learn all the skills you need to manage referrals and consultations, practice your new skills, and be advised by GPs and other healthcare professionals.

What is taught in the workshops?

We'll teach you how to:

    • Perform clinical examinations
    • Identify red flags in consultations
    • Support clinical reasoning with evidence-based practice
    • Involve patients during decision-making
    • Conclude consultations with safety netting, signposting and referrals
    • Promote self-care and prevention measures
    • Complete accurate clinical records to support data sharing.

Pre-Workshop Learning

Once you've booked your two sessions look out for your confirmation email - it will also contain a list of key topics to read through which will support you on the course.

More learning opportunities

We run many more educational and training webinars for pharmacists.


Choose and book your CPCS sessions now

Questions about our CPCS programme?

If you have any questions about any aspect of our CPCS training or about your sessions booking, our Events team can be reached at [email protected]

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