Withdrawal from training policy

This policy applies to learner withdrawal after formal confirmation of enrolment, and after the learner has agreed to the training terms and conditions.

It is a learner’s right to withdraw from the training. However, learners should be supported to explore other available options with withdrawal from the training programme being a last resort. If a learner intends to withdraw from the training, they must notify the RPS Education team as soon as possible.

If a learner decides to proceed with withdrawal from the training following advice and support from training staff, they will be required to confirm their decision by formally notifying the RPS Education team via email.

Learners may also be withdrawn from the training for the following reasons:

  • Fails to participate in required training activities
  • Misconduct in violation of the terms and conditions

The decision to withdraw a learner from the training will be made collectively by the lead expert, RPS Head of Education, and the learner’s tutor. In the event that a decision is made to withdraw a learner, the learner will be notified verbally and in writing by the Education team.

Notifying the workplace

When a learner withdraws or is withdrawn from the training, formal notification will be made to the workplace contact that was provided by the learner at the beginning of training informing them of the date and reason for withdrawal.

Access to resources

Once a learner has been withdrawn from the training, they will no longer have access to learner training networks and tutors as a part of the training programme.

Cancellation fee

Learners who withdraw or are withdrawn from training may be charged a cancellation fee.

Exemptions and appeals

The following extenuating circumstances are accepted as exemptions for the cancellation fee:

  • Physical incapacitation or hospitalisation
  • Extenuating personal circumstances

This information needs to be included in the Notice of withdrawal form in order for the learner to be exempt from paying the withdrawal fee. The RPS Education team reserve the right to ask for evidence where appropriate.

If a learner wishes to appeal the cancellation fee, they must submit a formal application to the RPS Education team which will be independently reviewed by the RPS Director of Education and Professional Development and the RPS Head of Education.