COVID-19 vaccinations for pharmacists

RPS Position Statement on COVID-19 vaccination for pharmacists

Pharmacists and their teams across the NHS are working hard to vaccinate as many people as possible to protect them from COVID-19.

We actively and strongly encourage all pharmacists to take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination programme and to get vaccinated unless there is a medical reason why they are unable to.

All members of the pharmacy team should have any vaccine deemed necessary to help protect themselves, their patients and the wider community. We consider this to be best practice and within the GPhC standards for pharmacy professionals where pharmacists should make the care of the person their first concern and act in their best interests.

We do not agree with making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory, as informed and educated choices about health interventions would be more beneficial long-term than enforcing them.

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important tool in protecting people from the virus and helping to get life back to normal. These vaccines have undergone extensive testing and are safe and effective to use. We will continue to monitor any evidence relating to COVD-19 vaccinations and provide relevant advice to our membership and the pharmacy profession.

Vaccination is a key pillar in infection control and disease prevention. Regular lateral flow testing of front-line staff is also important in the fight against COVID-19. We expect all pharmacists working in patient facing roles to undertake such tests and to act in accordance with the results.

It is important that all health and care professionals and staff continue to have access to COVID-19 vaccinations and take up the offer when asked.