Responding to Endorsements



Endorsement enables us to provide support and recognition for important pieces of work from other organisations.   RPS endorsement grants permission to organisations to use our endorsement on specific resources, events or conferences that are considered to make a valued contribution to patient care.  

  • We endorse materials and events from organisations such as royal colleges, specialist groups, charities, and patient organisations  
  • We do not endorse materials or events from commercial organisations including commercial training companies and other profit-making organisations 
  • RPS endorsements are free of charge
  • We endeavour to complete the endorsement process within 6-8 weeks upon receipt of an Endorsement Application Form. 

Endorsement eligibility

 Materials that may be eligible for endorsement:

Organisations that may apply for endorsement:

  • Professional guidance, standards, principles
  • Tools to support pharmacy practice
  • Patient facing resources
  • Multidisciplinary initiatives.
  • RPS specialist groups
  • Royal Colleges
  • NHS Organisations
  • Charities and patient groups.

How to apply for an endorsement?

Please check whether your resources may be eligible to be endorsed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society by answering the following two questions for an instant response:

1.    Is the resource for commercial purposes? Yes/No       

2.   Is your resource for educational purposes? (i.e. e-learning module, CPD). Yes/No

If you answered Yes to either of the above questions then unfortunately we cannot endorse any commercial/educational resources.

If you answered No to the above questions then it is great news - your resource may be eligible to be endorsed by us!  

Please check that your resource meets the criteria listed below before progressing to the application form to confirm your resource has been developed by a reputable organisation with extensive pharmacist involvement.  That your resource is evidence based and fully referenced.  


How evidenced

Assurance of quality

  • Materials developed by NHS organisation, specialist group, Royal College
  • Materials endorsed by other Royal Colleges
  • Appropriate pharmacist involvement and input e.g. involvement of specialist partnership group representatives, RPS members, RPS staff or representatives
  • Evidence based and referenced.

Aligns with RPS policy and national agendas

  • Reviewed by RPS policy team to ensure aligns (if materials include any policy material)
  • Reviewed by relevant RPS country teams to ensure aligns (if materials are country specific).

Supports RPS members practice and/or professional development

  • Reviewed by Education and Support teams
  • Views of relevant expert pharmacists/partnership groups sought when appropriate
  • Materials reflect current clinical practice and align with current guidelines.

Enhances the status and reputation of the RPS and/or the profession

Materials developed by highly respected organisation e.g. Royal College, NHS Organisation, RPS specialist group.

Interests of the RPS

Does not conflict with RPS interests, including activities or resources produced by PLB and or Pharmaceutical Press.

How long is the process?

We endeavour to complete the endorsement process within 6-8 weeks, however, it may take longer than this. This is because sometimes we need to find experts and form Advisory Panels to help us to review different resources.

Here is a summary of the different stages of the endorsement process:

  • Submission of application
  • Endorsement team decides whether criteria are met
  • Review conducted by Expert Advisory Board/Expert Pharmacist
  • Endorsement granted

Completing your Application Form

In order to apply for an endorsement, please complete the following form - please note, the application process will be quicker if you fill out the application form with as much detail as possible to enable the team to process the endorsement more quickly.   

The information you provide on this form will only be used for the purpose of this work and will not be passed on to third parties, this form may take up to 20 minutes to complete. 


APPLICATION FORM - please return to [email protected] 


If you have any questions please contact us at RPS Endorsement:  [email protected]