Responding to Consultations


We frequently respond to consultations issued by a range of organisations including Government Departments, regulatory bodies and other healthcare and professional bodies.

Organisations running consultations seek views and feedback on proposals to change policy, draft guidance, standards documents and other call for evidence.

We respond on behalf of the membership to ensure that pharmacy has a clear, strong voice in all discussions which affect healthcare and pharmacy. Our aim is to ensure that the views of members and experts within the profession are reflected in our responses to consultations, therefore we work in partnership with expert groups to provide a coordinated response to consultations where appropriate.

If you would like to provide your input to consultations we are responding to, please email [email protected]

Open consultations 

Flu vaccination: increasing uptake | NICE | 03/09/2019

Rheumatoid arthritis in over 16s | NICE | 03/09/2019

Cannabis-based medicinal products | NICE | 05/09/2019

Mental wellbeing at work - draft scope consultation | NICE | 09/09/2019

Adding folic acid to flour | DHSC, Welsh Government, Scottish Government & Department of Health (Northern Ireland) | 09/09/2019

Impetigo: antimicrobial prescribing | NICE | 11/09/2019

Hip fracture: management - surveillance consultation | NICE | 12/09/2019

Carers: provision of support for adult carers | NICE | 13/09/2019

Colorectal cancer: diagnosis and management (update) | NICE | 13/09/2019

Consultation on the data and analytics statement of intent | NICE | 13/09/2019

Tell us what guidance you need on information sharing | NHS Digital | 13/09/2019

The impact of tobacco laws introduced between 2010 and 2016 | DHSC and Welsh Government | 15/09/2019

Community pharmacy drug reimbursement reform | DHSC | 17/09/2019

Reducing sexually transmitted infections - draft scope consultation | NICE | 18/09/2019

Fever in under 5s: assessment and initial management | NICE | 19/09/2019

Intrapartum care: women with existing medical conditions or obstetric complications and their babies - quality standard consultation | NICE | 23/09/2019

Welsh Government Draft Budget Proposals 2020-21 | National Assembly for Wales | 25/09/2019

Safe prescribing and withdrawal management of prescribed drugs associated with dependence and withdrawal | NICE | 26/09/2019

Future Doctor - call for evidence | Health Education England | 26/09/2019

Cerebral palsy in adults | NICE | 30/09/2019

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome: diagnosis and management - call for evidence | NICE | 04/10/2019

How should we engage and involve patients and the public in our work | MHRA | 07/10/2019

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - topic engagement | NICE | 08/10/2019

Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s | DHSC | 14/10/2019

Shaping the future | NMC | 16/10/2019