COVID-19 Critical Care Training Resource

Are you a pharmacist deployed to critical care during COVID-19?

Then this resource is for you, and will raise your skills ready for critical care.

Updated 10 November 2020

Join our webinar

Critical Illness: Using the latest MedicinesComplete resource in practice

Webinar | 8 April 7pm

Hear from the Editors-in-Chief as they break down the key principles behind the guidance in this indispensable resource. 

In this webinar, we will explain these key concepts and illustrate how they relate to your patient at the bedside: 

  • Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic changes that occur in critical illness 
  • Dose adjustments, such as in acute kidney injury and extra corporeal therapies  
  • Drug management specific to critical care 

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Who should be involved?

We expect that the following people will be involved. If you are not sure who is involved, remember it is your professional responsibility to ask for support.

Your manager

Your chief pharmacist and/or line manager will identify you as a candidate for this learning package and endorse your participation.

They may ask you to provide a copy of your self-assessment against the Knowledge and Capability Guide prior to deployment to the critical care team to ensure that you are best placed to take on this role.

We recommend that you maintain contact with your usual line manager during your deployment.

Critical care tutor / clinical supervisor

You will need to work closely with an experienced critical care pharmacist, who will act as your ‘tutor’ / ‘clinical supervisor’ during this training. Their role will be to support you in your day-to-day practice as a pharmacist working in critical care, as well as in your learning and development in line with this training resource.

The supervision model in your hospital will depend on the availability of experienced critical care pharmacists and operational factors, however it is recommended that your tutor/ clinical supervisor will provide the following support:

  • Provision of an induction into the critical care areas that you will be deployed in
  • Discussion about your self-assessment of the knowledge and capability guide, providing feedback where needed on areas requiring development
  • Provision of feedback on patient reviews that you have undertaken, either through direct observation or remotely/retrospectively, using the tools provided in this handbook
  • Meet with you to discuss your development, as well as any issues arising.

It is important that at your first meeting, you agree on expectations of each other, your ways of working and the frequency of your clinical supervision meetings.

This may vary depending on your level of previous critical care experience and your clinical background.

Critical care staff

The pharmacy and multi-disciplinary team structure within the critical care areas in your hospital will be explained to you during your induction meeting with your tutor/clinical supervisor.

Your collaboration with the critical care staff will be central to your practice and a key avenue to support your development.


Access to our COVID-19 learning resources is free during the pandemic for the entire pharmacy profession, either by registering on our website, or using your RPS membership details.

We are continually reviewing and adding to our RPS COVID-19 Clinical Resources web hub, working with our affiliated partners to provide you with access to the support and resources that you need.

UKCPA Critical Care Group

The UKCPA Critical Care Group host an online forum for UKCPA members working in this area. You can use this forum to pose questions to your peers working in critical care and share your experiences.

UKCPA also host an open-access COVID-19 Facebook group for pharmacists to share practice relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health and wellbeing

Working in the critical care environment particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic can be very challenging. It is vitally important that you look after yourself with the same energy as you care for your patients.

Your critical care and pharmacy team will always be there to support you. Our Guidance on Ethical, Professional Decision Making in the COVID-19 Pandemic is a useful tool to help with decision making and managing difficult situations.

In addition, there are a range of resources and organisations that are available to you at any time, via our Mental Health and Wellbeing hub.