Oral emergency contraceptive as pharmacy medicines

Oral emergency contraceptives (OHC) can also be referred to as emergency hormonal contraceptives (EHC), the morning after pill, levonorgestrel, Levonelle, Ella One, and ulipristal acetate.

In addition to assessing the suitability of the different product for an individual patient, there are other factors which may require addressing when dealing with requests for oral emergency contraception. The following guide aims to provide advice on some of the issues that could be encountered.

Sections on this page

  • Diagram on decision-making for the supply of oral emergency contraception
  • Product characteristics
  • When to refer
  • Supply to patients representative
  • Moral beliefs
  • Advance supply of oral emergency contraception
  • Long term contraception and sexual health 
  • Vulnerable adults and children 

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