During your training

During your Pre-Registration training you can access our guidance resources to help you to develop your day-to-day practice and support you to build the skills and experience needed to meet the performance standards.

Our Pre-Reg podcast series has tips, discussions and advice from a panel of expert Pre-Reg tutors with almost 20 years of combined experience, and recently qualified pharmacists.

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  • Performance standards and reviews
  • Achieving your performance standards
  • Developing your day to day practice and skills

Performance standards and reviews Performance standards and reviews

These resources can be used to help you understand the purpose of your progress review and prepare for your reviews in advance:

Achieving your performance standards Achieving your performance standards

The following tools will help you meet specific performance standards

  • Use the Leadership Competency Framework for pharmacy professionals developing personal effectiveness, and interpersonal skills
  • Research support to help you demonstrate how to use information resources and show a working knowledge of the principles of data and literature evaluation
  • CPD support will help you develop good practice from day one and ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in pharmacy
  • Clinical audit tools support you in preparing for and conducting your clinical audits (including templates) as part of the personal effectiveness standards
  • Our Library services provides access to texts and journals to expand your knowledge and skills 

Developing your day to day practice and skills Developing your day to day practice and skills

These resources and standards are  used to develop your day to day practice skills and increase your knowledge of key pharmacy practice areas

  • Medicines, Ethics and Practice covers essential professional and legal practice issues and covers many areas of the registration framework
  • How to use your BNF is intended to help you navigate your way around the BNF, so you can use it with ease when practicing
  • The overview of Summary of Product Characteristics quick reference guide outlines how information is typically arranged in SPCs
  • We produce support resources covering legal and ethical issues, clinical conditions, pharmacy practice and public health issues.These can be used as revision tools to cover topics in the registration framework
  • Research Ready quick reference guide for pre-registration trainees informs you on how you can contribute to research and development
  • RpharmS-iRx is a tool to gather in-depth knowledge on medicines, helping to build your understanding on the uses of medicines

Pharmacist Support - 500

Pharmacist Support webinars

We've teamed up with Pharmacist Support to bring you these webinars with advice to support you during your pre-registration year, and throughout your career.