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This page has been archived. It still supports good pharmacy practice; however, you may find some outdated terminology or broken links. 

Professional Empowerment

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Professional Empowerment is about developing your skills and professional judgement, but also helping you to do your job effectively.

As such, it's something all pharmacists can benefit from. Including organisations and the wider profession.

Pharmacists can use this guide to find out more about professional empowerment and how you can achieve this.  You can also find our guide on Reducing workplace pressure through professional empowerment.

First Published: 8 February 2022
Updated: 31 August 2022

Section on this page:

  • What is Professional Empowerment, and why is it important to me?
  • How can RPS help empower me?
  • Reducing workplace pressure through Professional Empowerment
  • Who else can help empower me and how?
  • Further information

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