Yellow Card Scheme 

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This guide for pharmacists outlines the importance of reporting the following to the Yellow Card Scheme (YCS):

  • Suspected adverse drug reactions (often referred to as side effects)
  • Medical device adverse incidents
  • Suspected defective or counterfeit medicine or medical devices.

It also explains how pharmacists can contribute to this important patient safety activity, including when and how to report, and how to promote others to do the same. 

Updated: 31 October 2022 

Sections on this page

  • What’s the YCS?
  • Why is reporting via the YCS important?
  • Who can submit a Yellow Card report and how?
  • How can pharmacists support Yellow Card reporting?
  • When and what should I report via the YCS?
  • What should my report include? 
  • What happens to my Yellow Card report?
  • Veterinary medicines 
  • COVID-19 Yellow Card reporting 
  • Further information 

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