RPS Post-Nominals

If you're a qualified pharmacist or pharmaceutical scientist, your RPS membership entitles you to add our unique post-nominals after your name.

RPS post-nominals demonstrate your pride in the profession, as well as your commitment and standing as a qualified healthcare professional.

Which post-nominal is for you?


Members - MRPharmS

If you're a qualified and GPhC-registered member, you are entitled to use MRPharmS after your name and title.

Associate  - ARPharmS

If you're a pre-reg trainee member, or a member with a recognised pharmacy degree who have never been registered with the GPhC, you can use ARPharmS after your name and title.
Associate members can include anyone who qualified and works overseas, or those who never needed or wanted to register after doing their pharmacy degree.

Fellows - FRPharmS

If you have been honoured with an RPS Fellowship, you are entitled to use FRPharmS after your name and title.

Pharmaceutical Scientist - SRPharmS

If you're one of our PharmSci members you are entitled to add SRPharmS after your name and title.

Further post-nominals

  • MFRPSI – indicates a Level One Faculty member
  • MFRPSII – indicates a Level Two Faculty member
  • FFRPS – indicates a Faculty Fellow.