Developing the workforce

Continual professional development will be embedded across the whole pharmacy workforce

By 2030, career development pathways will be in place for all members of the pharmacy team to support professional development, enabling people to flourish and feel fulfilled in their roles.

For pharmacists, professional development will be aligned to the RPS curricula for foundation, advanced and consultant practice. Some pharmacists will also choose to complete higher degrees. For pharmacy technicians, professional development will be shaped by a suite of frameworks similar to those for pharmacists. All patient-facing pharmacists will have advanced clinical assessment and consultation skills, and be independent prescribers.

Across both pharmacy professions, there will be a cultural shift to a system that is committed to continual professional development. All pharmacy professionals will have a role in supporting the education and development of others. Protected learning time and peer support networks will enable professional development and underpin reflective practice. Leading and participating in research and quality improvement will be a normal professional activity.

By 2030, the pharmacy workplace culture will be inclusive, celebrate diversity, create a sense of belonging and be supportive of team members’ wellbeing. Pharmacy professionals will have rest breaks during the working day, flexible working options including portfolio careers, access to wellbeing services and a proper work-life balance.

Workforce planning will be carried out across Scotland to ensure that the right skill mix and staffing levels are present in every pharmacy team. This will optimise the roles of pharmacy team members, maximise the time for clinical care, motivate staff and deliver optimal care for patients.