Harness digital technology and innovation

A single shared electronic patient record will transform health and care services

The biggest digital transformation of pharmacy and health care by 2030 will be the introduction of a single shared electronic patient record across all health and care services. This will be a universal patient record into which every professional both reads and writes information, using their existing clinical system as the entry point. Each professional group will have a different view, according to what is appropriate for their role. This record will release clinicians’ capacity, improve safety and enable the provision of better care for patients.

Another significant digital development will be full electronic prescribing and transfer of prescriptions across all care settings, removing the need for paper prescriptions. Electronic systems will underpin the recording of administration of medicines in all relevant care settings, including hospitals, care homes, care at home services and prisons. Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration systems (HEPMA) will support triaging of patients to allow clinical pharmacists to target those high-risk patients who need pharmaceutical input as a priority.

Technology will also be harnessed to develop patient-facing services including digital consultations and remote monitoring.