Using data to deliver high quality services

Data will underpin personalised care for patients and improved service planning

By 2030, data will be used to enhance pharmacy services in a number of ways.

Clinical data will be used to target and support decisions. Data will enable provision of personalised care and medicines for patients, including in pharmacogenomics. Decision support software, including artificial intelligence tools, will provide data which will be used to improve the quality and safety of care and prescribing.

Data will also be used to make population-based decisions to plan services and prioritise pharmacy resources in response to local needs. In 2030, a national data set will be available which will demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of pharmacy services in all settings, enabling the impact of pharmacy services on improving population health to be determined. Clinical outcome measures will be developed, linking patient outcomes with prescribing and administration data. In addition, systems will be developed for obtaining feedback from patients and colleagues about pharmacy teams’ performance to drive continuous service improvement.